People should choose their politicians, not the other way around. Do you agree?

Do you Agree?

What’s at Stake?

Our government is failing us. Our legislators say they’re going to fix things, and yet, every year nothing changes. One reason is gerrymandering, a trick politicians use to manipulate voting districts to benefit themselves and keep themselves in power.

When politicians gerrymander, the people lose our right to hold them accountable. So they only listen to special interests and the people lining their pockets, yet do nothing to fix our state’s real problems: our crumbling roads, struggling schools, and closing hospitals.

We want to end gerrymandering, and we have a plan to do it. Instead of politicians creating their own districts behind closed doors, we’re going to establish an independent commission of Oklahoma citizens to do the job. It'll be fair, open, and transparent. And it'll mean that once again, people are picking their politicians.

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