Record Your Story

Thanks for letting us share your story! Please try to keep your video length at a couple of minutes, look straight into the camera, and talk about why you support People Not Politicians and ending partisan gerrymandering in Oklahoma.

A few questions to answer in your story video:

  • Say your first name and where you live.
  • Tell us why you support People Not Politicians
  • Why do you think gerrymandering is bad?
  • Why do politicians need to be accountable?
  • How has gerrymandering hurt Oklahomans?

A few tips:

  • Your story is so much better when it’s NOT scripted.
  • Look at the camera – and start talking about how you feel about politicians rigging elections by drawing their own district lines.
  • If you make a mistake or stumble, that’s fine — and normal.
  • We might edit these videos for clarity and time constraints — but we will keep your story intact.

Want to share your story at some point, but just not right now? Or maybe you need some help to get your video just right? Please email us at