The Legislature Must Adopt "The People's Map"

OKLAHOMA CITY — On November 15th the Oklahoma legislature will convene for a special session to vote on the gerrymandered Congressional district map they’ve drawn. The politicians act like the map they’ve proposed is the only option available—but it’s not. We have already submitted a map that is better in nearly every way.

This is the map we submitted—we call it The People’s Map:

The People's Map Has Many Advantages

  • Keeps 93% of Oklahomans in their current Congressional district. (The legislature’s map is only 87%.) 
  • Maintains current strong Republican majorities in 4 out of 5 districts. 
  • OKC & Tulsa metro areas each get their own district, keeping rural areas free from city voter influence. 
  • CD5 is one of the most compact and common-sense districts in the entire country.
  • Keeps Tinker AFB and Ft. Sill together in CD4, which was requested by many members of the public.
  • Only splits 9 precincts (The legislature’s map splits 37.)
  • Nearly every county is kept whole.
  • Does not unnecessarily divide any racial or ethnic communities.
  • Every district has an equal population down to the person, meeting the Constitutional requirement in a way no other public submission did.

Now is the time for Oklahoma voters to use their power. We must join forces and act quickly to ensure the BEST map for Oklahoma is adopted.

Click below to tell your legislators you want them to adopt The People’s Map.

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We are SO CLOSE to completing redistricting with good maps. Every email sent to the legislature makes a difference - we know that sometimes it only takes a few messages to nudge them the right way. Let’s flood them with messages of support for The People’s Map!