Congressional Map Submitted to Legislature

OKLAHOMA CITY — On September 23rd we formally submitted our Congressional district map to the state legislature for consideration. You can view the map here. Some highlights about it:

  • Retains similar shape and territory of previous maps.
  • Districts are more compact and split fewer counties than the previous map.
  • Population of districts is as close as statistically possible - nearly perfectly equal.

Many, many hours and hundreds of conversations with Oklahomans throughout the state went into creating this map. We are extremely proud of the outcome and believe it is the most fair and representative map possible for Oklahoma’s Congressional districts. For a more in-depth discussion about the map, watch our recent Facebook video

You still have time to submit a map, too! The deadline for submission is October 10th. Instructions for how to submit a map can be found here and instructions for how to use Dave’s Redistricting App are here

You can also refer to the redistricting pages on the House and Senate websites for more information and to view the other maps that have already been submitted. 

Speaking of other maps, the legislature STILL has not released any maps for public viewing and comments. They’ve had the Census data for more than six weeks and dozens of regular folks like us have found time to draw maps, but the politicians have not. As our director said recently in The Oklahoman: “Incumbent protection is still gerrymandering.”