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People Not Politicians is a new initiative, led by Let's Fix This, the League of Women Voters of Oklahoma, and a broad coalition of concerned citizens who believe in a better democracy. We are Republicans, Democrats, and Independents who believe districts should be drawn fairly with public input. We want to end gerrymandering by restoring power where it belongs, with the people, and create a government that works for us again. When politicians manipulate their voting districts to give themselves an advantage, it's called partisan gerrymandering. It's a little trick our politicians use to keep themselves in office.  

Our politicians have failed us because they know they can manipulate our broken system to ensure they are re-elected and don’t have to answer to regular voters. So they do nothing to fix our state’s real problems: our crumbling roads, struggling schools, and closing hospitals.

This proposal would end the practice of partisan gerrymandering by establishing an independent commission of Oklahoma citizens to draw boundaries for state legislative and congressional districts in a fair, open, and transparent manner instead of letting politicians draw their own districts behind closed doors.
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Who currently handles the redistricting in Oklahoma?

Politicians have gotten away with partisan gerrymandering for years, a trick they use to keep themselves in office. The system for redistricting, as it stands right now, allows politicians to draw all legislative and Congressional districts behind closed doors, without input from the public. This makes it too easy for politicians to draw lines in a way that benefits them, not their constituents.

How many other states have an independent redistricting commission?

There are 14 states that have independent redistricting commissions, though the composition and format vary.

How does People Not Politicians want redistricting to be handled?

This ballot initiative calls for a citizen-led, independent commission to determine all redistricting decisions.This commission would be comprised of representatives from all parties, as well as nonpartisan individuals, to ensure districts are drawn in a fair way that is representative of each community.

Why does this matter?

Oklahomans deserve to have fair and equal representation across the state, and partisan gerrymandering is keeping that from happening. 

Oklahoma’s politicians have not been held accountable for far too long. When politicians know their district is drawn to protect them from losing elections, they become less accountable to the voters and are more loyal to their own interests. Our initiative will create districts that are drawn fairly, elections that are more competitive,  and politicians who are more interested in responding to the needs of average citizens and fixing many of the state’s real problems.

When does the next redistricting take place?

The next redistricting will take place in 2021. Every ten years, the United States government conducts a census to count how many people live in our country. The year after the census, all the data collected during the census is delivered to the states so that they can redraw voting districts that better reflect where people actually live. That process is called redistricting.

While we had originally hoped to create an independent redistricting commission in time for the 2021 redistricting cycle, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we do not have enough time to qualify for the 2020 ballot. We have updated and re-filed our proposal to include language that will allow the commission to conduct a new redistricting as soon as voters approve the measure. We want to ensure Oklahomans do not have to wait 10 more years to have fair maps.

What are the next steps in this process?

We need Oklahomans across the state to help us spread the word and educate our friends and neighbors about why it's time to end partisan gerrymandering.

Soon we will start collecting signatures in order to get this measure on the ballot, and we will need volunteers across the state to help us reach our goal.

This is a citizen-led, grassroots movement that is being driven by the people of Oklahoma. If you believe in taking power from the politicians and returning it back to the people, we need you to be involved. Click here to volunteer with our campaign.

How many signatures need to be collected?

The next step for People Not Politicians is to gather 177,958 voter signatures to qualify for the November 2020 ballot. Click here to help us collect signatures.